Our satisfaction Aipl Gurgaon comes from advancing a better India.

Advance India Projects Limited (AIPL), has a multi-dimensional portfolio ranging from residential to commercial and retail segments Aipl Gurgaon.

Headquartered in New Delhi with six regional offices in three states across the country, AIPL continues to transform the appearance and quality texture of India with innovative commercial landmarks, unprecedented retail developments and exclusive and premium residential communities.

AIPLGurgaon is immeasurably succeeded in developing, managing & pioneering commercial spaces by over 70 multi-national companies & Indian corporate housed in 35 of AIPL’s commercial projects in Delhi, NCR.

  • Residential development of 250 acres for housing 1500 families spread over 1 million sq. ft of built-up space.
  • Commercial development of over 2 million sq. ft of premium office spaces in Aipl Gurgaon.
  • Retail development of over 1 million sq. ft.

AIPL Gurgaon is synonymous with quality, commitment, reliability, excellence in architecture & values that keep the worth of your investment high.


“Our vision is to be the finest experience provider of commercial, retail and residential projects in the country and it is our fervent endeavor to exceed expectations by being the most admired, aspired and acquired name in the real estate industry.”


  • To be the preferred provider of the highest standard of construction-related solutions that meet various needs.
  • To maximize the efficiency and performance of our client’s businesses through new-age corporate complexes.
  • To be the finest experience provider in the country and endeavor to exceed expectations by being the most admired, aspired and acquired name in the real estate industry.
  • To develop new landmarks in retail entertainment.
  • To bring true value residential options to life.
  • Always compete to be the best and win the game whilst upholding our ethics, morals, principles and values.
  • Never losing sight of the immediate, through its hard work and sheer determination, to build visions for a better tomorrow.

Brand Promise

Advance India Projects Ltd is more than just a leading name and symbol in the Indian real estate industry. The AIPL brand promises to build with promises that build worth. Values are the foundations that AIPL is built on. Not only are the organizational values clearly defines they are maintained promoted and disseminated and these values alone derive are daily activities.

Over the past 25 years AIPL has completed outstanding landmarks with a view to transform the look and texture of India with innovative commercial landmarks, unprecedented retail and residential communities

AIPL has been building smiles, brick by brick.

AIPL’s primary values focus on:

  • A corporate culture that breeds innovation, passion and the hunger to succeed.
  • An organization that values honesty and rewards integrity.
  • A working environment that stimulates discipline, dedication and loyalty; yet is harmonious encouraging growth and learning.
  • Exerting an unwavering emphasis on teamwork, synergy and organizational learning.
  • Attracting, evaluating, rewarding and retaining the best people.
  • Successfully implementing high performance and high committed work practices.
  • Implementing corporate social responsibility by nurturing the values of compassion, empathy and empowerment.
  • Ensuring quality deliverance, customer satisfaction and embody resolute commitment in all that we do.
  • Competing to be the best.

25 years ago when we ventured forth into the real estate sector we knew we would be building more than spaces lo live, work or do business in.

We knew that with every brick we lay, we would be building a name. With every new project we would be building something that we hold very dear to ourselves: Our reputation.

And to build that, we knew we would have to build with values. This is why with over 50 projects over 25 years we have had but one blueprint, one mantra for success.

Build not with bricks, mortar, steel or glass but with values that add worth. Build with uncompromising quality that keeps the worth of your investment high as time goes by.  Keep promises and deliver on time so your investment has more time to grow. Be honest so that the square feet promised is the square deal that you get. Be transparent so that the only surprises that you get are pleasant ones.

It is because of this that we have partnered with some of the leading names in real estate. It’s why we have endeavored to bring you not just the highest standards but new benchmarks. It’s why over 20,000 customers have invested in with confidence knowing that we are always advancing their cause. And with every project – Advancing India.


AIPL endeavors to contribute its bit to the growth of society and humanity by associating and contributing towards the upbringing and education of children with institutions like Nirmal Ashram-Rishikesh.

In order to give a wider ambit to its human welfare activities AIPL is associated with Nirmal Ashram- Rishikesh which is instrumental in the welfare of that region. It has laid the foundation of a school and a hospital at Paonta Sahib in April 2012 to cater to the socially & economically backward strata of the society.

AIPL also supports organizations like Diya Foundation, Delhi with the common vision of the betterment of the underprivileged and destitute, thus striving to make an impact on the lives of all the people living under difficult circumstances.